Our passion is music and entertainment.

We thrive to set the mood and bring the party to a whole new level.

Our DJs were carefully chosen based off of character and their love for music, and they've been professionally trained.

Our goal is to ensure that you feel taken care of and at the end of the event are blown away with the total experience!


I’m Keawe

I started Pure Pulse Entertainment in 2009 and never looked back! Being in the music scene all my life gave me a love for quality sound and the drive to entertain. I have DJ’d over 100 weddings and countless other events. My favorite music is Hip Hop but growing up in Hawaii and being part of a musical family gave me a love for various types of music. On my off time I love to train jiu jitsu and spend time with my two beautiful children!


I’m Casey

I originally started djing in the Underground Breakbeat Scene in Florida around the mid 90's. I travelled for a few years playing different genres in different states perfecting my skills. eventually settled down in Portland, Oregon where I met my wife and had 3 beautiful daughters. I have DJ'd in the best dance clubs in Portland for years and now have decided to shift directions towards weddings and events.